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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

May 02, 2018 at 05:36PM

I guess the time has come for a magical Dragon’s story. What do you think how should we start? … Maybe from the day when in the Enchanted Forest under an old stump one egg was found. Animals surrounded this egg trying to figure out who it belongs to. Nobody recognized it. But after a long reflection they decided it’s Lizard’s. They handed the egg to the happy parents and went homes.
Lizard family was very excited when the egg cracked and a beautiful little Lizard was born. This baby was very cute. And parents loved him. They took care about little Lizard and taught him many important things. For example how to crawl. “Be always quiet and cautious” - said Lizards to a child.
But one day parents saw a strange thing… they noticed that antlers started to grow on child’s head. “This is just impossible“ - Father Lizard said- Lizards can’t wear antlers! They will cling on twigs and grass that will not allow to be quick!” All forest animals again came together. They agreed that baby should be referred to Deers. Deers were very pleased. That child had beautiful antlers they could only dream. From that day the little one lived with Deers. They loved him and taught to run fast and fight using antlers. “Be always brave and quick” -said Deers to a child.
But one day strange thing happened…Deers saw that butterfly wings started to grow on child’s back. “Who ever heard of a deer with butterfly wings?” - Father Deer said “Deers mustn’t fly!”➡️➡️➡️


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