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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Sometimes amazing places flash up into my memory ... probably worlds I lived somedays. I сan’t remember who I am and how I look like... but I definitely remember I have wings. So warm, soft, light and quick wings. And the feeling of endless freedom those wings give me. I remember the wind and warm streams of air gently embracing my skin. Sweet smell of flowers and magical crystal sparkling light, which covers all around. So funny but there are much more colors in this world. Sometimes I feel sad that i can’t paint them. They just doesn’t exist... Actually these colors more then simple colors, they are so lively that you can talk to them. They understand and you can understand that they say without any words.. Endless beauty and love.. But what is that place actually is? Who are we and where do we come from... who knows. I just believe that someday we will awake in a beautiful world. And the first thing we will realize that there is nothing wrong and all who we love are near, and always were and will be near. We will remember everything with a smile, and understand with relief and honor that was one of infinity numbers of exciting journeys... . More butterfly creatures in my shop 🦋

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