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Monday, 25 August 2014

Teddy Cupid

art teddy Cupid

Hi! Is there anybody here who needs some love?:)
I'm a little Teddy Cupid and I can help !:) I have a magic bow and love arrows.

 This teddy not so small as previous. His growth of 28 cm. (11 Inches) As always his fur has a magic flavor of natural coffee and cinnamon. 

Arms, legs and head are movable on durable metal cotter pins and discs (rotating 360 degrees). Stuffed with synthetic down.

art teddy Cupid

The magic bow and arrows I made of copper with addition some patina. Arrows decorated with natural feathers. And of course Teddy Cupid has a magic quiver. It made of natural leaver. 

This teddy will waiting for opening of my shop. Now it is temporary closed. Mainly due the temporary (I hope) difficulties with delivery.

More Cupid photos below;)