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Friday, 28 February 2014

Spring Is Near !!! And New Nature Inspired Jewelry Collection already here!!

Spring is coming! And t's time to show my new spring jewelry collection!

Grandma's Garden - Romantic Vintage Jewelry

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This is my second jewelry collection made of real flowers! Yes, absolutely natural flowers!
The collection inspired by the old times.I think our grandmas or great-grandmothers were able to have accessory like this vintage styled jewelry. The romantic, naive and playful jewelry design sends us in past times when our grandmothers were the young ladies . Such jewelry could be very cherished thing not because it's expensive but because it is associated with a memory of dear to heart moments. That is why the thing has carefully kept until now. Traces of wear and scrapes show that the accessory was wearing all the time. And it's owner certainly remembers history of origin of the each scratche .

Now I show you only brooches in this post.
Another jewelry type will be on next posts.
But you can  find some thing else from Grandma's Garden - Romantic Vintage Jewelry 
just now on my ETSY SHOP!


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