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Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Elephant And The Dream

Collectible Art Toy - The Elephant And The Dream

Hello, guys! It's me Fairy Elephand! 

Collectible Art Toy - The Elephant And The Dream

Now I want to show you a nearest work. As you see that's little toy Elephant with magic ears - wings.The Elephant is the Art collectible Toy. This toy is not for play but for interior decor and collectibles.When baby Elephant is scared he closes up his eyes with ears:) Yes, the ears are movable!

This work combines different techniques. The Toy is jointed and connected with metal cotter pins. The arms, legs and head are movable too.
And he has a green twisted leaf. He picks up a morning dew inside:) I made that leaf of polymer clay.

And sure, main detail: fairy ears, wich looks like butterfly wings. I made the ears by cold batik. You can see a watercolor sketch in the photo above.

And same watercolor and cold batik on satin fabric below.  

Collectible Art Toy - The Elephant And The Dream

I made the Elephant And The Dream Toy special for tutorial  in a book about textile crafts. And that tutorial is so looooong... I hope it will fit into a book :)) But the Elephant really needs a lot of work. That was impossible to  shorten  anymore.

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