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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Glass Micro Mosaic & Acrylic Drawing - Follow Your Dream

The little Thumbelina is flying by swallow. :)
That is realisation of idea to mix glass micro mosaic and acrylic drawing.  I wanted to show a volume of mosaic, separate it from surface .  And decided to use mosaic partially only. 

From the side, the mosaic  volume is clearly visible.

Interesting contrast between glass and acrylic surfaces. Glass micro mosaic is so shiny and textured but acrylic is smooth and matt.

Shiny shiny :)

                  That was a sketch for acrylic flowers:) Looks like a watercolor. As you see I've choosen blue flowers.

The pieses of glass era very small. That unusually small mosaic pieses are calling  tesserae. 

On this photo is easy compare the size of glass pieces with the coin size

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