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Monday, 21 October 2013

The Polymer Clay Pendant And Ring

Despite the funny flower in the previous post... As a result, I  made a flower pendant and a ring  ​​of polymer clay. They look very fresh and gentle

Flowers Experiments

I continue to experiment with the fabulous flowers. I wanted to make an unusual fairy flower of polymer clay, but I've missed something :) This looks like a funny thing!  Not a pitcher, not the  tentacle,  Ha-ha! :))) I need to keep  my work up! I need to try more...

Friday, 11 October 2013

The Nature Wants To Kiss You! :) Botanist In Love Jewelry - Is Here!

Botanist in Love Jewelry by HandmadeHome- real flower petals

And do you  know what a botanist in love  capable of?:)
"Botanist In Love"  - That's name of unusual real flowers jewelry designed and created by me.
Yes, that's right, I use real plants. I prepare and dry them for special way.

Botanist in Love Jewelry by HandmadeHome- real flower petals

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Botanist In Love Jewelry - Coming Soon!

Now my first announcement of a new collection on this blog! 
In the near future I'll present a new jewelry collection "Botanist In Love". I make ​​this jewelry of real natural dried flowers. Plants retain their naturalness and originality  in the "Botanist In Love" jewelry. Those few photos of jewelry I've made last year. New 2013 year jewelry items is secret  as yet. 
But soon I'll show them!

How To Sew Tilda Angel Doll - Detailed Tutorial

Before I start I want to thank Donna for  translation from my Almost-English to English and making my very first master class in English better! ;)


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Here I'll try to tell and show how to make this cute Tilda Angel. I made this tutorial extremely detailed. It's contains more then 50 photos! I' hope that will help! 
So, I think everyone will be able to sew this nice Tilda Angel. This doll really is a great gift for your loved one, for mum, sister, daughter or good friend! Or maybe you'd like to decorate your own home with Tilda.
So, let's begin!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Glass Micro Mosaic & Acrylic Drawing - Follow Your Dream

The little Thumbelina is flying by swallow. :)
That is realisation of idea to mix glass micro mosaic and acrylic drawing.  I wanted to show a volume of mosaic, separate it from surface .  And decided to use mosaic partially only. 

The Elephant And The Dream

Collectible Art Toy - The Elephant And The Dream

Hello, guys! It's me Fairy Elephand!